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Domestic Waste Collection

Tedcor offers a domestic waste collection service on behalf of municipalities or their public sector institutions responsible for managing waste. All refuse that is put out on collection days is removed. The service includes a door-to-door collection services, removal of illegal dumping, street cleaning and litter picking.

To provide the service, Tedcor would appoint members of the local community where the service is rendered to become community contractors. To be a contractor, one need to live in the area where the service is being rendered, has a relevant drivers license, being able to read and write as well as having some leadership skills. Tedcor would then assist them in setting up their business and provide them with ongoing support in order for them to provide a quality service.

The service area is then normally divided into an economically viable number of households per community contractor and the areas are normally services once a week. The service provided includes the following:

Domestic Removal: All refuse is removed from each household once per week.
Garden Refuse: All garden refuse that is placed in bags or tied in bundles is collected weekly with the household refuse.
Street Cleaning: Street and all public open spaces are cleaned on a weekly basis.
Litter bins: Litter bins are cleaned during the collection rounds.
Illegal dumping: Is removed weekly. All efforts are undertaken to prevent illegal dumping through educational programmes and interaction with the community.

Tedcor supports campaigns and pilot projects which encourage residents to separate their recyclable waste at source.


Government's Challenge

In common with most municipalities the world over, particularly in the developing world, South African municipalities face a daunting challenge for service delivery.

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Tedcor's Solution

TEDCOR recognised the need for waste collection and disposal services in disadvantaged areas where local authorities are often hampered by inadequate capacity to provide these services.

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