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Tedcor is the only industry player in waste management in South Africa that has a formal training programme. It is also affiliated to the Services Education Training Authority (SETA). There are two types of training programmes offered. The first one is the Induction training, which is designed to provide community contractors with practical training in running their businesses. The programme covers, introduction to the Tedcor concept, contract between CBC and Tedcor, the business plan, Tedcor financial management,vehicle option agreement, All insurance/ assurance matters, Tedcor Zero Waste- Operations, environmental awareness, disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures recruitment of employees, contract of employment, employment administration,preparation for employment, first aid, filing system for Community Contractors,project administration, purchasing administration, Occupational Health & Safety Act,safety procedures around the vehicle, service delivery concept, vehicle administration,demarcation of service areas, driver training and evaluation, employment administration, project administration, opening of business bank accounts, signing of all contracts,certificates of attendance, final preparation for launch and service delivery,


The second type of training is formal training which includes courses in Small Business Management. Communication in English, information management,  financial management , Human Resource management, operational management, basic waste management and first aid level 1 &                                

Management Principles for First Line Managers


Module 1 : Introduction to Management and Management Functions

HEQF level : 5

Credits : 12


Syllabus/ Content topics

  • Self- management and the development of a personal growth plan
  • An introduction to first-line management principles 
  • Planning and organising
  • Leading and controlling

Module 2 : Introductions to Business Functions
HEQF level : 5
Credits :12

Syllabus/ Content topics

  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Basics of Project Management.


Basic Financial Management

Module 1 : Basic Business Finance
HEQF level : 5
Credits :12

Syllabus/ Content of topics

  • Basic Business Records
  • Financing Capital requirements
  • The Break-even analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Managing Credit and Inventories
  • Taxes and insurance

Labour Relations Management

Module 1 : Labour Relations Management: A Macro Perspective

HEQF level :6

Credits :12


Syllabus/ Content of topics

  • Introduction to Labour Relations Management
  • Role-players in Labour Relations in South Africa
  • South African Labour Relations in Context
  • The formal framework governing Labour Relations in South Africa
  • Informal aspects of labour relations dynamics

Module 2 : Labour Relations Management: A Micro Perspective

HEQF level : 6

Credits :12


Syllabus/ Content of topics

  • The formulation, operation and implementation of strategy
  • Conflict management
  • Collective bargaining and negotiation
  • Collective agreements
  • Strike management
  • Workplace structures and procedures (grievances, discipline, retrenchment etc.)
  • Communication
  • Group processes and dynamics
  • Worker participation
  • Social investment
  • Quality control in labour relations


The main objective of the training is to ensure that, on completion of the training programmes, community contractors are equipped to handle general management of their businesses successfully and enable them to out-source specialist functions such as administration, bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow, taxation, legal matters etc. as would be done by any other large company. Other courses offered are environmental awareness training, training of the communities, training of staff in safety and work related issues as well as entrepreneurial training.



Government's Challenge

In common with most municipalities the world over, particularly in the developing world, South African municipalities face a daunting challenge for service delivery.

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Tedcor's Solution

TEDCOR recognised the need for waste collection and disposal services in disadvantaged areas where local authorities are often hampered by inadequate capacity to provide these services.

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