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Our Unique Approach

Tedcor has pioneered an enterprising model of public-private partnerships in the management of waste enterprise, which combines the company’s passion for creating prosperity with its commitment to preserving the planets’ resources.

In the residential waste sector, Tedcor partners with emerging entrepreneurs whom the company mentors and develops to be able to manage their own businesses. In collaboration with the entrepreneurs recruited from the community in which the service is to be rendered, Tedcor provides the financial management, administrative and business support to incubate these new businesses. Tedcor guarantees clients who choose this model service and operational quality to match and often exceed their expectations. At the same time they will contribute to developing small enterprises, and in turn growing the economy.


Joint Venture Partnership

Tedcor also forms joint venture partnerships with municipalities, local communities and the private sector. Tedcor involves financial institutions in the partnership and arranges bank loans for the purchase of the equipment. Tedcor draws up the contract with the local authority, including built-in financial administration controls.

Three operational structures or models are available - a Joint Venture Company formed with an empowerment partner that sub-contracts to local Community Contractors, and a Black-empowered Waste Management Company. Tedcor therefore would impart management skills to these black empowered companies on how to conduct the business including running board meeting, record keeping as well as general business management. The choice of which structure is to be used depends upon the priority set by the Municipality and the Municipality's preference on the empowerment options.

Government's Challenge

In common with most municipalities the world over, particularly in the developing world, South African municipalities face a daunting challenge for service delivery.

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Tedcor's Solution

TEDCOR recognised the need for waste collection and disposal services in disadvantaged areas where local authorities are often hampered by inadequate capacity to provide these services.

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Name: Verona Ismail
Position: Acting CEO
E-mail: info@tedcor.co.za
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