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Company Profile

Tedcor  is an innovative and enterprising waste management company that offers integrated solutions for the collection, recovery and disposal of waste. Tedcor has been in the market for 12 years, working in partnership with residents the public and private sectors to promote a clean healthy environment.

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Empowerment Rating

At the heart of Tedcor’s business strategy is the motivation to build an equitable and prosperous society. Tedcor sees black economic empowerment as a socio-economic imperative and therefore believes that neither the company nor the country can, or will, survive without it. Tedcor always endeavors to create opportunities at all levels of its business including, procurement, employment as well as training. Therefore Tedcor makes sure that its own empowerment credentials are impeccable to fulfill this position with honesty.
 In 2009 Tedcor underwent an external verification process through Empowerdex economic empowerment rating agency. The aim was to obtain an independent verification, and was therefore awarded a Level Three Contributor as per the attached scorecard.

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Track Record

Tedcor has a track record managing waste in more than 20 municipalities, providing waste removal services in 80 areas to 600 000 households.

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Our Unique Approach

Tedcor has pioneered an enterprising model of public-private partnerships in the management of waste enterprise, which combines the company’s passion for creating prosperity with its commitment to preserving the planets’ resources.

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As a Global Citizen

Managing the large volumes of waste that accompany economic growth in a responsible way is a global challenge. A growing movement of people around the world are focused on how we can ensure a sustainable future for our children through developing innovative technologies, products and business approaches to re-using the resources we discard and keeping the space we inhabit clean.

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Corporate Social Investment

Tedcor’s corporate social investment contributions are geared towards:

Supporting socio economic development in the communities in which it does business,
Support for projects which promote the reduction, re use and recycling of waste products and create conditions for a more responsible approach to keeping our environment clean and green.
Among Tedcor’s CSI projects are:

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Government's Challenge

In common with most municipalities the world over, particularly in the developing world, South African municipalities face a daunting challenge for service delivery.

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Tedcor's Solution

TEDCOR recognised the need for waste collection and disposal services in disadvantaged areas where local authorities are often hampered by inadequate capacity to provide these services.

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Contact Us

Name: Verona Ismail
Position: Acting CEO
E-mail: info@tedcor.co.za
Telephone: +27 11 463 0731

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